Wednesday, 18 July 2012

What is the paleo diet

You may be wondering: What is the paleo diet? This eating plan has been getting a lot of attention recently, and it's for good reason. In the midst of new fad diets popping up in books and television shows almost every day, the paleo diet promises something different. It teaches you how to eat the foods that the human body was meant to eat. Here are seven things that you must know. After you learn these things, check out some recipes and give it a try. You won't be sorry.

First Thing:

We are getting fatter and unhealthier thanks to our diets. Most of us have been eating way too much sugar, entirely too many carbohydrates, and an astonishing amount of packaged and processed foods that are loaded with gluten, chemicals, and other unhealthy agents. We have forgotten how to eat the natural foods available on our planet for human consumption.What is the Paleo Diet is now no more difficult.

Second thing:

The paleo diet encourages healthy eating. This is not a traditional diet that forces you to count calories or eat unreasonably small portions. You can eat as much as you want, as long as you are eating natural foods that are healthy.

Third Thing:

It is an attempt to eat the foods people ate during the Paleolithic period of time. People in those days were hunters and gatherers. They hunted for meat and fish and gathered vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.


Fourth Thing:

Your calories will count. It does not matter if you eat foods high in calories as long as they are calories that your body can use. When you eat a lot of protein and fiber and cut down on unnatural sugars and carbs, your blood sugar is stabilized and your body uses every calorie for fuel. It does not store the carbs until they turn to fat.

Fifth Thing:

You will lose weight, if you want to. Those of us who follow the paleo diet in order to slim down as well as get healthier know that eliminating the candy, crackers, cookies, ice cream and other junk foods from our bodies will give us almost instant weight loss results. Your entire metabolism will transform.

Sixth Thing:

What is the Paleo diet recipe able to do for increased energy? Everything. You will find you have a lot of extra energy, which can help you compete in sports, obtain optimal fitness, and keep up with chasing the kids around the park. You will feel better, stronger and more motivated.

Seventh Thing:

People might be skeptical. Your friends and neighbors who love their low-calorie frozen microwaveable meals and drive-thru window value meals might roll their eyes and wonder what you are up to. Do not let them discourage you from getting healthy and making better choices about your food and fitness. When they notice how you lose weight, gain muscle, and build your immune system, they might take the plan a little more seriously.What is the paleo diet is a good thing to know
Check out some recipes, talk to people who have followed the plan, and you will find out even more. 

For more information, please visit The Paleo Diet Center where you can learn more details about this diet and other winning strategies for paleo diet meals as part of your overall weight loss plan.So Now U have the Answer of that What is the paleo diet?

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